Worcester’s first ‘Cycle Sunday’ on June 9th 2019 proved a big hit with Worcester’s cyclists with an estimated 200 riders turning up at Pitchcroft racecourse. Amongst them were 67 very excited young riders keen to take on the cycling challenges and races on offer.

Danny Brothwell of Bike Worcester said “On the grass race track we had a queue of bike mad youngsters right from the start. They were all waiting to pedal like crazy on our specially prepared circuit. The idea was that adults could try too but the kids never gave them a chance”

The event was arranged on a free for all basis and the activities run by volunteers from two local cycling clubs . Zara Lewis, aged 8, from Perdiswell was among 15 young riders representing Worcester St John’s Cycling Club. She said “Me and my Dad cycled in and helped set up the race track. And I did some practice laps”.

Rachel Vann of Women on Wheels who were organising the games said “the most popular challenges were the obstacle course and Limbo competition. The youngest riders enjoyed their size advantage, getting as tiny as possible to squeeze under the bar”.

Sheena Law and Laura Crowney of Women on Wheels were leading family rides round the Riverside cycle path when they had to dive for cover under the City’s railway viaduct. Sheena said “It had been sunny all morning, then a rain storm came from nowhere, giving us a drenching. When we got back to Pitchcroft all the other riders were sheltering and having hot drinks and cakes”. Laura said she was pleased to overhear one rider telling her parents that it was the “wettest ride but the bestest ride, ever”

This was the first family cycling event of its kind in Worcester and saw all types of riders and bikes taking part. There were fold-up bikes, hand cyclists, trailer bikes and even an ice cream bike. Bike Worcester hope to do it all again in 2020!