Over the past few days there has been lots of coverage of cycling in the Worcester News, with lots of supportive comments online about the need for better infrastructure for cycling.

Firstly, Councillor Matthew Jenkins wrote about the need for cycle parking opposite the Museum and Art Gallery, that was rejected by Cabinet member for Highways Alan Amos. See here for the online article, with comments. The printed edition included a letter from Alan Amos, criticising as “anti-car” those calls for better support for cycling. This has received a lot of criticism after being added to our Twitter account, including from other cycle groups elsewhere in the country who are shocked by the anti-cycling attitude.

This was followed by further coverage of Worcestershire County Council’s Cabinet meeting, when the question of the government’s funding for active travel was raised. Worcestershire is able to bid for funds totalling £1.35m to help social distancing for walking and cycling. Councillor Amos’s response included the claim that the spike in cycling in Worcestershire is ‘just a phase’. The Worcester News article is here. The vast majority of comments are critical of Councillor Amos, but feel free to add more comments! He spoke of how many people contacted him about using this funding to improve cycling. So, please keep lobbying him to show that there are lots of people who want more funding for cycling in the county and in Worcester in particular.