It’s official – Worcestershire County Council has been awarded only £135,500 to support cycling and walking in the county. This is 50% of the amount they bid for.

We don’t know the official reasons given by the DfT, but by ignoring the central part of the bid – creating more space for cycling and walking safely in urban areas – it was not a surprise that it was such a failure.

Of course, the county council are trying to put a gloss on it by announcing the money they received and how they plan to spend it. Nowehere in their press release do they mention the money they didn’t get.

Full council will be meeting (online) on Thursday 16th July. The public have a slot to speak at the start of the meeting, so if you want to ask a question about the bid or anything to do with cycling in the county, this is another opportunity to do so. Email to request to speak.