Getting more people to commute by bike

BikeWorcester supports ‘Moving the Nation – link to PDF’ manifesto produced by Sustrans, Living Streets and other walking and cycling groups.

There are a number of reasons why we think that getting more people cycling to work and to the shops is an achievable and desirable aim.

  • Cycling for leisure is happening and predominantly takes place outside peak commuter times. So there are already an increasing number of competent cyclists who could be encouraged to use their bikes for a daily/regular commute.
  • With limited resources it is possible to focus on specific employers and/or parts of the City that are already reasonably well connected by the existing cycle network.
  • Congestion is a major issue in Worcester and getting more people out of their cars and onto their bikes will clearly help reduce congestion.
  • We know from surveys that many people in Worcester would like to cycle, but for various reasons they do not do so. Tackling these barriers, such as the perception of how dangerous it is to cycle in Worcester, will be very important in any attempt to increase regular cycling.