Improving cycling in Worcester

What are the top changes to cycling infrastructure in Worcester that would improve how we get around the city by bike?
TitleAddress Description
Remove barrier by Nunnery Wood schools
39 Nunnery Ln, Worcester WR5 1RQ, UKRemove the barriers on the path that runs alongside Nunnery Wood High School’s sports field and the back of Nunnery Wood Primary School.


Allow cyclists to cycle in both directions
14 Park St, Worcester WR5 1AD, UKAllow cyclist to travel in both directions on Park Street. Provides convenient link from canal to Wylds Lane.
Repair Pheasant Street cycle box
Tilleys Sandwich Bar, 66 Lowesmoor, Worcester WR1 2SE, UKRepair cycle only box at traffic lights. Example given at Pheasant Street.
Allow cyclists to use route past the Hive
Unnamed Road, Worcester WR1 3PA, UKAllow cyclists to use route paste the Hive, allowing convenient traffic free route from Sabrina Bridge into the centre of Worcester. Currently prohibited.
Unlock 2 sets of gates adjacent to viaduct
6 Netherton Ct, Worcester WR1 3AU, UKUnlock 2 sets of gates to enable convenient route adjacent to viaduct.
Make footpath on Croft road shared use
21 Croft Rd, Worcester WR1 3RD, UKMake footpath on Croft road shared use.
Make path on Dolday shared use
54 Newport St, Worcester WR1 3NS, UKMake path on Dolday shared use. Very busy during rush hour, needs segregation of cycles and cars.
Provide drop kerb on Worcester Bridge
14 Bridge St, Worcester WR1 3NJ, UKProvide drop kerb on Worcester Bridge adjacent to south parade to reduce risk of crossing from central reservation to South parade.
Change gate to cattle grid type crossing to stop swans
13 New Rd, Worcester WR2 4RL, UKChange gate to cattle grid type crossing to stop swans. Gate is a barrier to continuous cycling.
Good example of bike path crossing junction
1 Cormorant Rise, Worcester WR2 4BA, UKGood example of bike path crossing junction; continuity given to bike, as car is likely to stop anyway. This should be adopted throughout Warndon.
Provide tarmac surface for path through Perry Wood
103 Liverpool Rd, Worcester WR5 1QH, UKProvide tarmac surface for path through woods. Convenient traffic free alternative to provide link from London Road to Nunnery Wood high school, countryside park and hospital.
Remove signs in Diglis advising cyclists to dismount
Lock House, Worcester WR5 3DA, UKSigns recently put up advising cyclists to dismount. This is an unnecessary barrier to using the route, and I suspect will largely be ignored. Remove the signs.

Better sign for use on Diglis footbridges – adjacent to Anchor Inn on Diglis road:

Better sign for use on Diglis footbridges

Junction A44 and Claphill Lane
A44, Worcester WR2 5TU, UKConnection between quiet routes requires cycling on A44 for approx 200m. Road is uphill, narrow, and solid white line. Create raised cycle path by using space taken by grass verge.
St Dunstans Close share with care
40 St Dunstans Cl, Worcester WR5 2AJ, UKReplace no cycling with Share with Care.
St Clements Close Share with Care
St Clement's Cl, Worcester WR2, UKReplace no cycling with Share with Care.
Bromyard Terrace to Nelson Road
21 Henwick Rd, Worcester WR2 5NP, UKReplace no cycling with Share with Care.
Tarmac Red Hill Lane
Red Hill Ln, Worcester WR5, UKCurrently long gravel section. Tarmac to make all weather accessible and useful to road bikes.
Junction by Diglis Bridge
Severn Way, Worcester WR2 4AY, UKDiglis Bridge cycleway – improve blind junction to aid visibility.
Cosgrove Close barriers
Cosgrove Cl, Worcester WR3 8UA, UKUnder the railway bridge. You cannot get a mobility scooter through the traps. You have to go on a mile and a half detour round Blackpole.
Canal onto the B4850 - barriers
17 Shipston Cl, Worcester WR4 9XN, UKThe traps are too small to get a mobility scooter or wheelchair through.
Barriers between Severn Way and Hallow Road
251 Henwick Rd, Worcester WR2 5PQ, UKComing off the Severn way onto Hallow Road where the hard surface ends and you have to go up the hill, the traps are too narrow to get a hand driven wheelchair or mobility scooter through.
Steps at end of College Precincts
15 Edgar St, Worcester WR1 2LR, UKBarriers to be put up at the stairs end of College Precinct. Twice I have seen cyclist motor down the alleyway to suddenly find stairs and crash down it. Both time the cyclists need ambulance treatment There are no signs warning of the stairs a barrier would at least slow then down so they can see it and get off safely.
Barriers at end of Tolladine Road
2 Martindale Cl, Worcester WR4 9YN, UKIt is impossible to get a mobility scooter or wheelchair through the road block on Tolladine road. I know there is a bypass via the path, but would be better if I could get through the trap.
Share with care: London Road to Silverdale Ave
5 Yew Tree Cl, Worcester WR5 2LH, UKReplace no cycling sign with ‘Share with care’ useful cut through to quiet road – London Road to Silverdale Avenue.
Cycle route signs are obscured by hedge
6 Barneshall Ave, Worcester WR5 3EU, UKCycle route signs are obscured by hedge, reposition to other side of road – Barneshall Avenue.
Canal tow path changes from tarmac to compacted grit
22 Friesland Cl, Worcester WR3 8QL, UKAt this point tow path changes from tarmac to compacted grit. In wet weather surface has frequent puddles and is dirty, not suitable for commute.
Space available to widen tow path
33 Drovers Way, Worcester WR3 8QL, UKSpace is available to widen tow path to enable easy passage of bikes.
Foregate Street parking on double yellows
Andrew Grant Estate Agents, Worcester WR1 1DX, UKEnforcement of parking on double yellows. Cabs parked and idling. Cyclists forced into middle of road. Shortly after photo was taken a bin lorry overtaking was forced to block the road.
Foregate Street bike storage
Worcester Foregate Street, Worcester WR1 1DB, UKBike storage is close to capacity. Storage not in main area of station, does not feel secure.
Hallow Road speed limits
Parkfield Nurseries, Main Rd, Hallow, Worcester WR2 6PH, UKThis section of Hallow Road reverts from 30 to national speed limit, but reverts back to 30 after only 660m. A section of the road also has solid line to stop overtaking. Removing the national speed limit section would reduce exposure of those cycling to overtaking at higher speeds. The change may increase motor vehicle journey time by less than 20 seconds, however the journey will use less fuel without the acceleration and deceleration, and also reduce cases of vehicles speeding on entry to the 30 zones.

Hallow Road 30mph

Replace no cycling signs and remove barriers
79 Lansdowne Rd, Worcester WR1 1SP, UKReplace no cycling signs with Share with Care. Remove barriers.

Lansdowne Terrace sign and barriers

Aldi entrance on Bath Road
The Ketch Inn, Worcester WR5 3RP, UKContinue bike route across junction. Set give way markings further back to give priority to cyclists rather than vehicles leaving the car park.
There is currently a "No Right Turn" sign onto Wyld's Lane from London road
109 Sidbury, Worcester WR1 2HU, UKThere is currently a “No Right Turn” sign onto Wyld’s Lane from London road. This should be altered to allow cyclists to make this turn.

It would permit cyclists coming down London road to access safer roads into the city without passing through busy Sidbury. More importantly, it would allow access to the cycle system along the canal which currently can only be legally accessed by trying to pull over on the busy road and negotiate pedestrian crossings + pavement areas.

Open the gates to the Commandary Gardens for longer hours
Sidbury, Worcester WR1 2HU, UKOpen the gates to the Commandary Gardens for longer hours to allow a route from the canalside bike path to the West side of the city.

There is no non-walking way to legally transfer from the canal side bike path to the road system to the East of the city. Carden Street is one way, and the exit beside Sidbury leads to a pavement with no easy way to join the (busy) Sidbury junction.

The Commandary Gates used to be open during commuter time, allowing safe cycling/walking between the canal and Wyld’s lane, however have recently started being locked at 5pm and closed on Mondays.

I’d suggest getting an agreement to have these gates open until commute time finishes (6:30) on all days.

Modify tow path to remove brick steps
75 Sidbury, Worcester WR1 2HU, UKModify tow path to remove brick steps to enable route to be used without dismounting. Suitable signage (Share with Care, please use bell).
Improve Cycle path/bridleway passing Countryside Centre
Unnamed Road, Worcester WR5 2NP, UKThis area needs attention as it is busy: cyclists and pedestrians to/from college, County Hall and hospital conflicting with adults, children, dogs, runners etc from car park to country park woods.  Needs careful consideration: possible thoughts:

  1. remove 5-bar farm gates – replace with removable bollards
  2. reduce/remove speed bumps
  3. improve signs/path markings to reduce conflicts between dog walkers crossing path from car park and cyclists using path
  4. consider chicanes to slow cyclists and gates to control dogs.
Raise cycle path next to Diglis bridge to enable access when the river is high
Severn Way, Worcester WR2 4AY, UKRaise cycle path next to Diglis bridge to enable access when the river is high.
Crossings on road bridge - sync crossing times so pedestrians and cyclists only wait once
13 New Rd, Worcester WR2 4RL, UKCrossings on road bridge – sync crossing times so pedestrians and cyclists only wait once.
Remove barriers at end of flood protection bund on Hylton Road
233A Hylton Rd, Worcester WR2 5LA, UKRemove barriers at end of flood protection bund on Hylton Road.
Relocate bike rack
14 Grand Stand Rd, Worcester WR1 3RD, UKCurrent location adjacent to race course in car park is unlikely to be used, as it is not at a destination point. Suggest relocation to a parking space on the Tything, eg. outside Coffee 45.
Whittington Road shared use footpath
36 Whittington Rd, Worcester WR5 2GA, UKContinue shared use footpath / cycle path to the top of Red Hill Lane.
Lights at end of Lowesmoor
13 Lowesmoor, Worcester WR1 1UW, UKLights in bus lane / cycle lane do not change for cyclists. Presume requires bus to trigger sequence.
Holywell Hill - share with care
Holywell Hill, Worcester WR2, UKLose no cycling sign, replace with Share with Care.
Thorneloe Walk alleyway - share with care
15 Windmill Cl, Worcester WR1 3HH, UKThis sign is between the bike route at the top of the race course, and adjacent to St George’s primary, and a stones throw from Riversides primary school. Replace with a share with care sign.
Install drop kerb opposite Grand Stand Road junction
Grand Stand Rd, Worcester WR1 3RD, UKInstall drop kerb opposite Grand Stand Road junction. Cyclist turning right in heavy traffic can instead cross road and join shared use path.
Remove the biked racks from Fish Street and install new ones nearby in High Street
97a High St, Worcester WR1 2HW, UKRemove the biked racks from Fish Street and install new ones nearby in High Street, in the spaces between DW Sports Store and Next. There is plenty of space for two small groups of racks between the trees and benches. The bike racks in Fish Street are insecure. Many bikes have been stolen from there, so cyclists try to avoid using them. The police confirm that the location is insecure because it’s a side street and not sufficiently visible. Smokers and others loiter around the racks so a loitering bike thief doesn’t attract the attention of passers-by.
Cathedral Square cycle parking
Cathedral, Worcester WR1 2LB, UKCathedral Square has a huge area of unused space which could easily accommodate  several sets of cycle racks. These could easily be situated to leave ample space for the various unsightly ‘pop-up’ events that take place throughout the year.

Before work began on the Cathedral Square development, artist’s impressions were published in the local media. These show a perfunctory provision of minimal cycle racks, but even these have not been provided.

Cathedral Square is an ideal location for secure cycle parking to serve cyclists arriving in the city centre via Deansway or College Street, and allow them to work, shop, or enjoy the city’s many leisure amenities.

Existing cycle racks are either oversubscribed or placed in insecure locations hidden from public view.

Create a crossing for cyclists and walkers on the West side of the Old Bridge
John Gwynn House, Newport St, Worcester WR1 3NY, UKCreate a crossing for cyclists and walkers on the West side of the Old Bridge.

I think every separate city project is aware of the need to do this expensive bit of work. It would finally link the incredible diglis – Sabrina bridge walking/running/cycling route, however is prohibitively expensive.

It would be great if the group could lobby for a collective effort to address this issue. The benefit to Worcester would be incredible and reduce the obvious risk to the people currently daily attempting to cross by running.

Improve share with care signage on Old Bridge
14 Bridge St, Worcester WR1 3NJ, UKThe bridge is shared pedestrian/cycling use, however this is not very apparent to pedestrians. To improve pedestrian/cyclist relations, I’d suggest stenciling a small number of “share with care” or similar notices on the paving.
Make the pavement beside Fort Royal Park shared use
17 London Rd, Worcester WR5 2DJ, UKMake the pavement beside Fort Royal Park shared use.

Due to the hill, vehicles frequently gun their engines on London road as it exits Sidbury heading West.

The road then narrows and sharply corners left, exactly where cyclists have to slow down due to the steep hill, making it a scary experience.

The tarmac pavement on the left (heading west) is wide and could likely safely accommodate a shared-use scheme for this hill, allowing cyclists to rejoin the main road at Fort Royal Hill, and access the Red Hill Lane cycle path via Battenhall Road.

Make the pavement on London Road between Tesco Express and Waitrose shared use
162A London Rd, Worcester WR5 2EJ, UK

Pavement on North side of road is wide enough in most places for a clearly marked bike lane. The road is often busy enough for vehicles climbing the hill to have to wait behind cycles for several hundred yards. There’s enough room if you are cycling in the gutter, which we are reminded not to be doing.

Canal path near Park Street Bridge from Sidbury is very overgrown
14 Prince Rupert Rd, Worcester WR5 1AF, UKThe canal path as it approaches Park Street Bridge from Sidbury is very overgrown, with the width of the path reduced by about half of it’s original width. This makes it difficult for cyclists/pedestrians to pass each other when heading in opposite directions. I’d suggest requesting the responsible people (Canal and rivers trust?) to look at restoring the path.
Lack of cycle parking at the Cathedral
8 College Yard, Worcester WR1 2LA, UKNo bike parking. Was some at river entrance, which was great, but no longer there due to building work and no alternative provided. None at front.
Bike parking at Fort Royal park - top entrance
40 Fort Royal Hill, Worcester WR5 1BY, UKFort Royal park – top entrance.

Would be good if bike parking available here. Some at bottom but when there are events on, eg Fortfest, it can be busy so an option at the top would be good.

Allow cyclists turning right from Castle Street into the Turning/Foregate Street
Cactus House, 30 Foregate St, Worcester WR1 1DS, UKAdd a cycle phase to traffic lights to allow cyclists turning right from Castle Street into Foregate Street to reach the cycle-bus lane on Foregate Street.
Remove fences across the cycleway
Mill Wood Dr, Worcester WR4, UKRemove fences across the cycleway. There to slow cyclists down at junctions presumably, but impossible to navigate without stopping, pushing most cyclists on to the road out of frustration.
Remove barriers at Battenhall Park and Red Hill Lane
Battenhall Rise, Worcester WR5 2DE, UK

Remove barriers across path – are they really necessary?

Other Suggestions

  • A mountain bike / pump circuit would be really popular in either Diglis Park or Worcester Woods as bike routes already connect to both.
  • All new cycle parking racks should be designed so that they cannot be sat on, so that idlers and smokers don’t discourage or even intimidate people who want to park a bike.
  • Council Enforcement Officers should look out for derelict bikes or bikes that have been left chained in the same place for several days (ie abandoned) and arrange for their removal. They occupy and block much needed bike parking spaces, discourage cyclists from leaving a bike for fear that it might be damaged, and discourage shoppers, tourists and other visitors by making the city centre appear neglected and lawless.

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