Bike Worcester Manifesto Pledge

The following is our manifesto that we are inviting city councillors and those standing for election to the council to support.

Bike Worcester is a new cycle campaign group involving councillors from all three parties currently represented on the City Council and volunteers from Cycling UK, Sustrans, Push Bike! and local cycle clubs.

The latest Government surveys confirm that cycling locally is increasing at one of the fastest rates in the UK. 20% of the City’s residents already cycle regularly.

The Business Case for the City and County encouraging even higher levels of cycling is strong.  Doing so supports many corporate priorities. It also delivers a wide range of benefits for the individual and the wider community.

Bike Worcester would therefore like to invite all existing and prospective councillors to indicate their support for the following actions:

  1. The City Council nominating a councillor and senior officer to act as ‘cycle champions’ to ensure corporate actions increase cycle use.
  2. Identify where low cost improvements to the existing cycle network can be made now and priorities established for future investment.
  3. Ensure the revised South Worcestershire Development Plan and Worcester City Centre Master Plan are used to promote cycling.
  4. Raise awareness in the local business community of the benefits that their increased support for cycle commuting and cycle use can bring.
  5. Encourage local schools to revisit their Travel Plans and consider how they can increase cycling to school.
  6. Engage with other public, private and voluntary sector organisations to promote cycling within the City.
  7. Lead by example. Support the City Council becoming an accredited cycle friendly employer.

Cycling is also a great way to get to know your ward and meet your constituents!  

To confirm your support please respond via our contact page with your name, ward and actions you intend taking to encourage more cycling in the City.

Signed up councillors, candidates and others

The wards listed are those up for election this year.

Arboretum ward

  • Jenny Barnes – Labour Party candidate
  • Stephen Brohan – Green Party candidate
  • Jon Taylor – Liberal Democrat candidate
  • Joy Squires – Labour Party Councillor

Bedwardine ward

  • Marc Bayliss – Conservative councillor
  • Claire Nichols – Green Party candidate
  • Sue Smith – Labour Party candidate

Cathedral ward

  • Emma Simovic – Labour Party candidate
  • Lynn Denham – Labour Party Councillor

Claines ward

  • Mel Allcott – Liberal Democrat candidate
  • Stephen Dent – Green Party candidate
  • Stuart Denlegh-Maxwell – Conservative councillor

Nunnery ward

  • Barbara Mitra – Green Party candidate

St Clement ward

  • Frazer Bufton – Green Party candidate
  • Ian Craigan – Labour Party candidate

St John ward

  • Sarah Dukes – Green Party candidate
  • Richard Udall – Labour Party Councillor

St Peter’s ward

  • Chris Giles – Labour Party candidate
  • Alaric Stephen – Green Party candidate

St Stephen ward

  • Marjory Bisset – Green Party candidate
  • Neil Laurenson – Green Party Councillor

Warndon Parish North ward

  • Andy Graham – Labour Party candidate
  • Jane Moorhouse – Green Party candidate
  • Sarah Murray – Lib Dem candidate

Warndon Parish South ward

  • Andrew Cross – Green Party candidate

Other Councillors

  • Roger Berry – Labour Party City Councillor
  • Tom Collins – Labour Party City Councillor
  • Paul Denham – Labour Party County Councillor
  • Adrian Gregson – Labour Party City Councillor
  • Louise Griffiths – Conservative City Councillor
  • Jo Hodges – Labour Party City Councillor
  • Matthew Jenkins – Green Party County Councillor
  • Louis Stephen – Green Party City Councillor