Bike Worcester

Bike Worcester is a new local multi-organisational group that’s been set up specifically to identify actions that can be taken to make it easier and safer for more people to cycle around the City.


Our Priorities

Promoting commuting by bike

We want to get more people in Worcester cycling. We know that more people want to cycle, whether that is to work, to the shops, or elsewhere in Worcester. We know there are aspects, such as safety concerns, that put many people off. So, what can we do to help?

Top cycling improvements

We want to promote improvements to cycle paths and other infrastructure. We wanted some “quick wins” that we could get the local councils to fix or improve, so came up with the idea of a list of quick changes that would make cycling better in Worcester. Feel free to suggest yours.

Cycle Sunday and other events

We are organising a ‘meet-up and ride’ family cycling event on Sunday June 9th 2019. We hope to make this a regular event. We will post details on our website of any cycling related events.

Blog posts

Latest News and Blog

Map of improvements growing

Thanks to everyone for sending in suggestions for improvements to cycling infrastructure across Worcester. Please keep them coming. We will be collating the ones we have and then organising them and selecting ones to present to the local council asking for action....

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Bike It. You’ll Like It

I wonder how many people reading this can honestly say they enjoy their daily commute to work? Maybe it’s the train or bus, some may live close enough to make the journey by foot, but for many of us the car remains the most convenient and the cheapest form of...

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Cleaner air for cyclists

British Cycling say: It is now quite clear that we are in the midst of an air quality crisis. While it poses a serious risk to all of us, it is having a particularly detrimental impact on our children, and it is encouraging to see that politicians of all persuasions...

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